Clone of Systematic studies on the Zygophyllaceae of Saudi Arabia: A new variety and new variety combination in Tetraena

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:Submitted
Authors:Alzahrani, D.Ahmed, Albokhari E.Jameel
Journal:Saudi Journal of Biological SciencesSaudi Journal of Biological Sciences
ISBN Number:1319-562X
Keywords:New variety, New variety combination, Saudi Arabia, Taxonomy, Tetraena, Zygophyllaceae, Zygophyllum

During 2013–2014, fresh material of Tetraena alba was collected from two localities in Saudi Arabia. Detailed morphological examination of these specimens revealed that there is a new variety of this species, for which the name T. alba var. arabica is proposed. Fresh material of Zygophyllum amblyocarpum was also collected from a different locality, and based on its characteristics is transferred to Tetraena with the new combination T. alba var. amblyocarpa. T. alba and its varieties are illustrated and morphological characters supplied to differentiate among them.

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